USB Rocket Launcher – $25


Dream Cheeky 908 Thunder Missile Launcher NR Electronic Reference Device

This is quite clearly an educational device. The perfect way to teach children about physics and ballistics, and the value of being able to shoot your friends in the crotch with a USB powered missile.

25 feet, that’s right, this tiny  little thing will shoot soft foam missiles over 25 feet. That is more than enough fire-power to put the family cats and dogs on edge.

This thing is so much pure dumb fun. I got one for my brother for his birthday and now the family pets are too scared to go anywhere near his room. Even Mom treads lightly around his door. But Dad, Dad is a different story. He went out and bought one of the more advanced version with a webcam attached, and set it up so he can remotely shoot anyone he so pleases, from the safety of his office.

All in all, no home is complete without one of these.

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