Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Just look at the pure happiness on that man’s face. How could anyone NOT want one of these 11 inch long inflatable unicorn horns handy around the house.

The urge to let your inner unicorn out can come at any time. Never again shall you be unprepared for that special moment. Once that special mystical whinny urge takes hold of you, you shall be properly attired in no time with your brand new vinyl Unicorn Horn.

One word of warning though. THIS IS NOT A REAL UNICORN HORN. Those tip the scales at far more than our meagre budget of twenty six dollars.



Now you and your cat can match outfits with this Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats for under $7. Doesn’t he just look so darn impressed that he has an Inflatable Unicorn Horn on his little kitty head. He doesn’t look like he is planning on murdering the cameraman in his sleep at all.

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