Retro Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster

Pop Up Hot Dog Maker

For when you absolutely, positively, have to get a nicely toasted hot dog and bun into your body as quick as humanly possible, you want one of these babies.

This sexy beast will warm you up 2 normal sized hot dogs (no oversized wiener’s for us) in no time flat. Oh hells yeah!

Not only will it put a lovely warm wiener inside of you, giving you that wonderful ‘full’ feeling that only a big red one can provide, but it will make your kitchen look absolutely fabulous with its retro 50’s style. Transport your self back to a time and place where straight while males had all of the power, instead of just most of it.

p.s. Much like anything else in life, this will complain the first time that you turn it on. It will whine and smoke, but after the first time it will learn to love it, so just push through the pain and smoke and soon you will be enjoying perfectly prepared hot dogs all day long.


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