Chicken Beer Roaster

Chicken Beer Roaster

This sexy item has quickly become the single most treasured item in our kitchen. This Chicken Beer Roaster allows you to roast a full sized chicken and infuse it with your favourite beer, wine, fruit juice or even a plain old marinade.

Beer Roasted Chicken sounds like something a drunken fisherman accidentally created on a fishing trip with his buddies by spilling beer on all the food and then announcing it all to be gourmet beer flavoured, but it is actually quite delicious.

Beer Roasted Chicken Capsule

How this works is by sticking a beer (or marinade if you are boring ) into the bum of the chicken while it cooks. The vapours of  the liquid flavor the chicken from the inside, keeping it moist and infusing it with yummy flavor from the beer or wine or whatever juices you decided to squirt up the chickens bum.

But, lets be honest here, this is a Chicken Beer Roaster, if you don’t use it with beer at least once you need to hang your head in beer-less-chicken shame. Beer-less Chicken Shame sounds like an awesome name for a prog-rock band that I am right now about to start.

Its incredibly stable, so there’s no need to worry about it tipping over, and the drip tray collects all the fat and dripping to stop it from spitting into the fire, or collecting on the bottom of the oven.  This also positions the chicken in what is considered to be the optimal position for cooking a roast chicken, as it allows all the fat and juices to run out of the chicken and collect in the pan. Ask any chef, they will tell you!

Beer Roasting Chicken Pan

Being stainless steel and incredibly sturdy, this Beer Roasting Chicken Pan works equally well  in the oven or on your fire or propane grill or however you like to cook your chook.

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