Baby Elvis Wig

Baby Elvis Wig

Are you sick of putting up with the shame of having to take your bald baby out in public? Does your baby often complain about having a cold head? Are you constantly regretting not marrying a Greek so you don’t have to put up with the shame of a non hirsute baby? Do you worry about your baby not looking groovy enough? Well worry no more, crazy momma  now you can hide your shameful bald babies head and and give them rock-star good looks at the same time with this Elvis Baby Wig.

If you are taking the time and effort to cover your babies head with an Elvis Wig, then you probably wont want to stop at the wig.

Unique Infant Baby Elvis Costume, 12-18 Months

Go the whole hog with an outfit. Remember, once they get older, they get so pissy when you try to dress them up in silly little outfits, so you are best off trying to get as many in as possible when they are young.


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