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Custom Stamps

I don’t know about you, but I have always thought that so many things in life would be immeasurably easier if I was able to carry around a number of business cards on my key ring. Oh that is ridiculous I hear you mutter, but hear me out.

Lets take a normal day in the city. You are walking down the street and spot an attractive member of the opposite sex, rather than tie up both your days with flirting that most likely will go nowhere anyway, you simply give them a big ole’ smile and hand them a business card that says something like “Mike Patton, Love Maker Extraordinaire”. Wouldn’t that be cool? The only thing that might be cooler is if you had a custom stamp that said the same thing. These Stamps will get you laid. Take that philatelists.

Or perhaps someone is talking to damn loudly on the train. Instead of a business card to hand out that says “Shut the hell up you rude inconsiderate prick” you could have a stamp that says “LOUD BITCH” and run over and stamp it on their foreheads, before fleeing into the night.

I don’t actually recommend either of these courses of action but its fun to fantasize!

Custom Inspector Stamps, fun for the whole family.

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