Hangover Prevention Patch

Hangover Prevention Patch

Stop hangovers before they start! Wouldn’t that be lovely, to wake up on a Sunday morning not feeling like you just swallowed a packet of sandpaper covered cotton balls that has somehow reacted with whatever is left your stomach in a manner that suggests that you are about to spend the rest of the morning with your head in a toilet.

This Hangover Prevention patch contains a big fat dose of Vitamin B as well as a number of other important nutrients that you systematically remove from your body with every beer as you poison your body into a state of euphoria.

The authoritative looking Doctor on the purchase page says that only an IV drip would be more effective at preventing a Hangover.

Slap on of these bad boys on an hour before you have your first beer and tomorrow morning the only thing you will wake up with is whatever hideous bar trash you decided to hook up with.

There you are Bytox, there’s the next patch you should be working on. A bad hookup prevention patch. That baby would sell MILLIONS.

( Ok, maybe I am a touch hungover right now, and that’s why today’s article was a teensy bit late and is full of pure black vitriol for the world and everyone in it. Most of all I just wish that I had these fecking things last night.)


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