Rocking Whiskey Glasses

Rocking Whiskey Glass

There is nothing more manly and Don Draper-ish than coming home, sitting down and enjoying a couple of fingers of rye whiskey, not bourbon, with a few small dashes of sugar,  bitters and ice.

Technology has moved such a long way from the 60’s. Now we have rocking whiskey glasses!

These things are pretty cool, fill them up with your poison of choice and set them rocking. They will never actually tip over, which can be more than a tad unsettling at first, but after awhile it becomes wonderfully soothing.

This set of 6 glasses from Sagaform look great and even feel great in your hand. A few minutes with one of these bad boys in your hand and you will believe you are Don Draper himself.

Remember this bit of wisdom from the man himself. As soon as you have to cut down on your drinking, you have a drinking problem.

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