DC Comics Encyclopedia

The DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition

This gorgeously illustrated DC Encyclopedia lists hundreds and hundreds of  both major and minor DC Comic characters ranging all the way back to its roots in the 30’s.
firehawk dc comic encyclopediaIt lists various details of so many different characters, from Batman to Bat-Mite, the Batman obsessed Imp from outer space (you read that right).

This is such a beautiful book, with a vibrant wrap around cover and wonderful illustration’s. It is the kind of book where you can just tell that the writers and illustrators love what they do, and it really comes through on paper.

The DC Encyclopedia is so absolutely chock full of random characters and facts that even your most hardcore DC fan wont know them all, which makes it perfect for any comic fans coffee table. There are other less official books out there claiming to be an authority on DC, but until they get around to updating it, this is still the premier encyclopedia on all things DC, hand down.

One of the best things that I loved about this book, apart from the illustrations, were the little boxes that listed some of the key story lines for many of the characters. So many books of this nature simply tell what has happened to a character, and don’t go any further than that. I love being able to read up on major events from a characters life, and then go back to the exact books where it happened.

If you are struggling for a gift idea for your favourite comic book fan, don’t look past this. I cannot stress how endlessly entertaining this book is. Even my partner, who is not a comic book fan enjoys reading through this, if only to make fun of some of the old villains from the 40’s and 50’s. I’m still giggling at Bat-Mite, look him up, he is freaking hilarious.

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