Game of Thrones Figurines

Game of Thrones Gifts

These hyper cute, stylized vinyl figures of some of our favorite characters from George R.R. Martin’s epic story Game of Thrones, are officially licensed and officially cute.

There’s so much to like about Game of Thrones, Dragons, Incest, Beheading’s, A HBO series with a good amount of nudity, and a complete willingness to remorselessly kill off main characters at a whim. It really has it all, and now you can have it all on your desk at home or at the office.

There are six different characters, Ned, Daenerys, The Hound, Tyrion(to scale), Khal Drogo, and The White Walker, most coming in at just under 4 inches tall, except for Tyrion of course.

All the figures.

Oh, and to all, enjoy a White Christmas.

White Walker Christmas

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