How To Swear Around The World

How TO Swear Around The World

In the event that you are planning a trip anywhere around the world this Christmas then this book is for you. Not only so you can identify when the taxi driver from the airport is calling you “fat tourist scum”, so you can retaliate with some handy local  phrases about his mother and her proclivity for pleasuring the local population with her mouth.

You may think I am joking, but by the time you have gotten to the tenth page of the book, you will already have found a list of how to say “Fuck your Mother” in well over a dozen different languages.

For example, I am going to France for the Christmas break so will need to know the “French for Fuck your Mother! I have fallen down the stairs!” which would be “Nique ta mére! Je suis tombé dans l’escalier”

But far more helpfully, this book lets you know the cultural sensitivities associated with certain phrases and words, so you can know which ones to not use so you can avoid getting stabbed by cab drivers with promiscuous mothers.

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