Accoutrements Inflatable Cat in a Can

Cat-In-A-Can. Never again shall you be forced to go without a cat for any period of time whatsoever with this all new Cat in a Can.

Cat in A Can provides you with one perfectly behaved 12-1/2″ inflatable vinyl cat that requires minimal supervision and very little food.

No more shall you have to endure the horrid stench of cat shit or the delicious smell of cat food invading your house as a result of owning a cat. Cat in a Can eats only dry inflatable cat food (Sold Separately) and farts a lot when you play with its valve but never poops anywhere.

Much like your standard non-inflatable feline varieties, this cat will never purr’s on demand and will spend all of its time steadfastly ignoring you.

Cat-In-A-Can, for when you can’t think of a proper gift for that someone you love…. or Hate.



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