The GameKlip nothing short of a pure godsend for mobile gamers. It helps you attach a PS3 DualShock 3 controller to any Android phone. It is a quick and easy solution for gamers who want just a little bit more precision that the touch screen can give them.

What the GameKlip basically boils down to, is a bit of plastic that sticks to the back of a spare case for your phone which then holds the screen over the controller for some gaming sessions on the go. It might not sound like much, but this thing is freaking great! It is a clever piece of kit, and I would be very surprised if in the very near future we didn’t start to see a few of these start floating around from the bigger publishers and game shops. The seller is also nice enough to offer a selection of spare cases for you to use with your brand new GameKlip at just $3 a pop, which is more than reasonable price.GameKlip™ - Universal CaseMount

It comes in either wired or wireless flavors. The wired option works straight out of the box and includes the cable you will need to plug the PS3 controller into your android phone as well as the case to hold the screen.

The wireless option includes simply the GameKlip itself, but requires you to have root access to your phone in order to be able to connect the two, and to shell out the $2 for the app which you can get Here.

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