Dog Sniffing Doormat

Greetings Dog Sniffing Welcome Doormat Humorous

How many times have your greeted someone at the door with the words “Hello, How are you? May I sniff your anus?” only to be met by confused looks quickly followed by the arrival of the police? Well with this dog bum sniffing doormat you can rest assured that there will be no more silly mix ups with the local Jehovah’s Witnesses. State your intentions at the door.

This delightful mat is 27″x18″ and made from 100% olefin yarn. For those of you who don’t know, olefin yarn is a synthetic fibre made from a polyolefin and is known worldwide for its incredible strength, its wonderful resistance to mildew, staining, sunlight fade and most of all, its resistance to odour.

While it’s olefin qualities may scream toughness, the mat itself  actually fairly thin but it is a gorgeous print. Hell, the print quality is high enough for it to be framed and mounted on a wall.  All in all this is a great novelty doormat, and a wonderful and unique gift for any dog or bum lovers out there.



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