Spill Proof Bowl

Spill Proof Bowl

If you have ever owned a child, then you will be able to see the value of anything that stops them from spreading their food as far and wide as possible. This spill proof bowl is far from spill proof  but it will slow the little buggers down a bit.

But, if you want a bit of a laugh, check out the reviews on the Amazon page full of angry idiot mothers. Tghey get so worked up that their child managed to spill food with this spill proof bowl… as if this was some kind of magical bowl from which no scraps of food could ever possibly escape.

my 2 year old figured out the trick right away and he’d hold the little inner bowl in place so he could spill the contents. He gave me this look that said, ” what, you think I’m stupid?“.”

Well, he knows you better than me so who am I to argue with him.

Let me get this straight, you are mad at this bowl because your child held down the bowl to purposely make a mess, and the bowl did nothing to stop him! Passive resistance isn’t working bowl! You have to make a stand!


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