Game of Thrones Lannister Steins


 Game of Thrones Lannister Stein

Stoke the hearth and tap the keg because the Lannisters are in town.

This 22 ounce ceramic stein has a rich gold trim and is adorned with the Lannisters Lion sigil. And just like the old steins of yore, it is dishwasher safe. Though you shouldn’t put it in the microwave, as just like the Lannisters, it contains gold, pure rich 24 carat gold paint.

Some types of Steins traditionally come with lids, which came about because of a little something called the plague. The bubonic plague was running rampant throughout Europe during the 14th century, and in an attempt to stem the spread of the disease, German laws decreed that all food containers have lids, to stop plague infected insects and homeless people falling in your beer. This lead to the happy little tradition of steins coming with quaint little flappy lids for the next few hundred years. Although it hardly seems fair to call something that is designed to hold a litre of beer quaint. There are even some steins made for special occasions that are designed to hold over 32 litres of  liquid. That’s more than a mouthful even for someone like the Mountain.

So, just like the plague, when the Lannisters are in town cover your beer and lock up your women because you just don’t know what you might catch.

game of thrones lannister steinsHBO also has a number of steins available on their web shop, including this happy little number to the left. This “Hear Me Roar” ceramic Lannister mug has one significant advantage on its rival up top in that it is both dishwasher AND microwave safe.

It holds 16 ounces of beer, which, while not quite 32 litres still should more than enough to quench your thirst.

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