Sriracha Lip Balm


Sriracha Lip Balm – Or how to torture someone.

When one thinks of lip balm, one does often thinks of painful lips, but usually the Lip Balm is there to solve the problem, not makes things immeasurably worse.

For those of you who dont know, Sriracha is somewhat of a cult when it comes to hot sauce. People put it on literally everything, sandwiches, potato’s, popcorn and now, not content with having it merely  burn the skin from their throat and water their eyes, the Sriracha lovers have come up with a way to have the uncomfortableness of a burning mouth as something that they can fit in their pocket.

Now, I have never been one for spicy foods. I have tried this legendary hot sauce and I do agree, it is quite tasty. But this… this is something else.

This is like christians whipping themselves to absolve their sins, cleansing their soul with pain. If pain makes you clean in god’s eyes, then surely Sriracha Lip Balm is the single most holy relic since the Crucifix that they hung that dude jesus from.

On the plus side, its only $4, so torture has just become not only somethig you can fit in your pocket, but something you can pick up for under a fiver.

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