Bottle-top Launcher

 Bottle Top Launcher

This bottle top shooter known as the cap zapper means your enormous collection of bottle caps is no longer simply a testament to your crippling alcoholism, it is a giant collection of deadly ammunition that you have carefully collected over time.

fun bottle openerThe cap zapper not only perfectly as a bottle opener,allowing you to free your precious alcohol from its glass Magneto-like prison. But once it collects the bottle tops in it vice like grip, that when the real fun begins, as it is able to launch the bottle tops well over 5 metres!

Now you can literally pop a cap in someone’s ass and not have to spend the rest of your life living in fear of blood reprisals or going to jail and possibly to hell. This is what Ice-T uses to pop a cap in someone’s ass nowadays.

It weighs in at around 8 ounces and also comes attached to a handy key chain, so you will never be far away from a weapon should you be attacked by a giant bottle of Heineken with naught but bad intentions.

2 thoughts on “Bottle-top Launcher”

  1. Brad Salt says:

    Its kind of like a nerf gun for grown ups

    1. Alfred Spatchcock says:

      I think a nerf gun for grown ups would be… a Nerf gun. Seriously, you are never to old for a nerf gun.

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