Emergency Mustache Set

emergency mustache set

Never again shall you be in a situation where you are in desperate need of a mustache, but because of lack of foresight or being screwed over by genetics, you are caught without one.

Individually sealed for extra freshness, this set includes 6 different styles of moustaches that will prepare you for absolutely any occasion.

Spontaneous porn shoot? Pop on the porn moustache, and porn away.

Maybe you are a woman posing as a man for a book or magazine article and have a job interview for a masculine job at a particularly manly place? Pop on a manly mo and the job is yours.

Going to a Swedish sauna? Attach the blonde moustache and blend in with the natives.

Perhaps you bald actor who is trying out for the part of Ron Swanson’s stunt double. As we all know there are few people on the world who can pull off such a thick and manly mustache as Mr Swanson. Fear not! Pop the Swanson mo on your face, put the other 5 on the top of your head and you are all but assured the part as you exude confidence and masculinity!



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