Fake Snowballs

fake snowballs

There are very few pleasures on earth that compare to a good old fashioned snowball fight.

snowball pwnd

Good shot dad…

The joys of hitting your least favorite family members with a well aimed ball of snow to the head.

The pleasure you get packing one down so hard that it becomes nothing more than one solid ball of lethal ice. Then throwing it at that kid that picks on you at the bus stop, concussing him, and landing him in hospital while you spend the rest of the day making an igloo in your backyard to hide from the cops in.
Good Times.

This 20 pack of 3 inch fake snowballs will let you recreate that simple pleasure when and where ever you want. The snowballs are weirdly crunchy like a real snowball, and yet soft enough that it wont wound your family members when you upside their head with them.


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