Baby Dragon Costumes

poop dragon baby costume


This is my worst nightmare come to life, a Poop Dragon. Terrifying villagers with its massive poops and ear splitting cries, the poop dragon is the most feared creatures in all the known lands. It is lucky then that he is pretty damned cute.

So ii might seem strange that I would be looking for ways to make my child even MORE terrifying, but going to a Game of Thrones themed party, I desperately wanted an excuse to dress up as a Targaryen so that I could have a reason to put my baby in a dragon costume.

Here are some of the best Dragon Costumes for under $26.


baby dragon costumes

Rawr! This Baby Dragon Costume is sized for 6 to 12 month olds, and is utterly terrifying.

Baby Dragons RAWR

This Romper Stomper Dragon Costume is again aimed at the under 12 month olds, but this one has some very scary spikes on the back and head.

Scary Baby Dragons

This Baby Dragon Costume is one of the more ornate ones on the list, with some fairly intricate patterning and prints on it. I imagine this makes it easier for the dragon to attract a mate.

Baby Dragon Costumes

Ok, so technically this is a Dinosaur costume, but I think It also makes for a more than passable Dragon. He looks fairly ferocious, no?SPyro Baby Dragon Costumes

And last but certainly not least it is my old friend Spyro! Spyro is aimed at the older kids, from 8 to 10 year old, but I think there is definitely a market if they kept going up. I showed this to my husband and he immediately asked if they had it in his size.

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