Just when you thought the Bacon fad was over, in come the BaconKit. To be fair, bacon will never truly become passe because there are few things in the entire universe as singly awesome and delicious as bacon.

If you want to show just how much of a Bacon aficionado you are, the BaconKit will allow you to outdo your friends by making your very own bacon in your very own home for your very own mouth.

All you need for some homemade bacon is some pork, the bacon kit and an oven or a smoker, and away you go. Bacon as god himself intended it. The BaconKit includes everything you need to cure bacon bar the pork, including a thermometer, maple syrup, the curing agents and a curing bag. You will be amazed just how different and delicious home made bacon is compared to the vacuum sealed packs you get from the grocery store. Your home made bacon wont shrink and shrivel and will remain delicious from the moment it comes out of the oven to the moment it leaves your body after you have eaten it. Mmmmm Bacon.

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