Guinness Beer Soap

Guinness Beer Man Soap


What could any man on earth possibly want more than to be able to smear himself all over with the nectar of the gods known as Guinness Extra Stout. Beer is undeniably one of the most beautiful and natural substances on earth, having been brewed for over 5000 years. Full of natural ingredients that bring out the best in your skin, beer is not usually thought of as something that goes on the face, except for the odd drinking accident, but this Guinness Stout based Soap has to be tried to be believed.

Guinness Beer Man Soap

This handmade soap does come at a premium of $11 a bar, but let me tell you, it is worth every last penny. I am sitting here having just washed my face with a bar of this stuff, and I cannot describe to you the gorgeousness of the aroma. I have not smelt this good since, well, ever probably. The Shea Butter combined with the coconut and the Guinness combines into an aroma  that could only be described as “The Breath of a Drunken God”.

Me, being a manly man have little need for soap except when I come to the dinner table, but my partner has sensitive skin which reacts to normal soap. After spending the better part of an hour convincing her to try it out she reported back with a miraculous result, she was as impressed as I was. I, for the pure godlike smell and clean feeling that it provides, and her, because this Guinness Soap didn’t flare up her sensitivity. I can only deduce that this Guinness Soap is not actually made for men, it is made to turn people INTO men, be you boy, girl, woman or miscellaneous, one go of this and a man you will be.

This is absolutely the single best present you could get your Dad this Fathers day.

Even if you only ever try it once it will be something that you never forget, like the birth of a child, or my wedding day I will always remember with fondness the day that I first tried Guinness Soap.

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