Mini Mushroom Lamps

Unique Gifts Nintendo Mushroom Lamps

These mushrooms are guaranteed to brighten up any room, literally. Thats just what lamps do…

Simply bonk them on the head to illuminate any given situation, then bonk them again to turn them off. Just don’t go full Mario and jump on them, that probably won’t end well, you might end up growing like Mario does in the games, but only by a centimetre or two because of the plastic embedded into your foot.

This set of 3 mushroom lamps are powered by both AA and AAA batteries, and the largest shroom comes in at 6 inches high, and the smallest is around three and a half. So you should have a mushroom for any given situation. Even Glastonbury, provided that you are just using these to light your tent. Warning: DO Not Ingest.

Googly eyes Unique GiftIf you want a more genuine Nintendo Mushroom experience, perhaps you would do well to pick up a bunch of these googly eyes and stick them on your mushy so that he can watch you sleep.

Thats not creepy at all.


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