Doctor Who Ice Cubes


doctor who ice cube tray chocolates

Extermin-ice? Dalek-icious? TARD-ICE? I am struggling to come up with the right pun to describe these Doctor Who Ice Cube trays to start off. Lets just say that these are as cold as a Daleks heart and move on.

Although, this silicone mold is not just for the freezer, no no, it is both freezer and oven safe so not only can you freeze yourself some TARDIS and Dalek ice cubes, you make some delicious Dalek cupcakes, or chocolates. Maybe even some scrumptious Dalek jellies if you so please, or some cute little Dalek candles if you are particularly clever. Whatever floats your boat, or TARDIS, these Doctor Who ice cube trays are a great way to start any geeky party.



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