Doctor Who TARDIS Lunch Box

Doctor Who Limited Edition TARDIS Tin Tote Lunch Box

The Doctor is in!

Now this may look like a simple fun lunch-box for little boys and girls to take their lunch to school in, but lets be honest here, the biggest Doctor Who fans are adults.

Now what kind of adult needs a lunch box I hear you ask. The best kind would be my answer. I got one of these for a work friend who is a mad Doctor nut, and he went absolutely bananas over it. He now makes a point of making his lunch every day just so he can use his shiny Doctor Who Lunch Box.

So when you think about it, the Doctor is now helping the first world nutrition problem. There really is nothing that man cannot do.

But anyway, it is a full sized lunch box that will easily fit enough food  to feed a full sized adult for a day.


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  1. Wibbly Wobbly, timey wimey, awesomey waewsomely. I’m so having children just so i can pack their lunches into a Tardis everyday.

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