Brain Shaped Ice Cubes

Brain Shaped Ice Cubes

Brain Shaped Ice Cube Trays

These Brain Shaped Ice Cubes trays are the best way to ensure that your Halloween party is the coolest on the block.

As you can see the Brain ice tray makes 4 Brains at a time, which end up coming out sized just a tad bigger than a gold ball, and the flexible tray ensures that you are unlikely to damage toure brains when you are pulling them out, which is always helpful.

If you are so inclined, you could also use the silicone mold to make Chocolate brains, or vodka infused jelly brains, or soapy brains. Although you probably shouldn’t serve the soapy ones to kids unless you are a fan of TP in your trees and eggs on your windows, even if the little neighbourhood bastards really deserve to get their mouths washed out with soap.


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