Drinking Buddies

drinking buddies

wine bottle drinking buddies

Never drink alone again with this 7 piece set of Drinking buddies. Your new drinking partners are made from food safe rubber, and consist of one bottle stopper, and 6 of his mates, who latch on to their wine glasses like Courtney Cox in Cougar Town (which, while it has possibly the stupidest name of any show on television, is not actually as bad a show as it sounds, I swear!).
This little guy is certainly one of the more unique bottle stoppers that I have ever seen, and actually one of the more effective ones that I have found in my lifetime of being a helpless wino. He sits nice and plumb in the top of the bottle  sealing it off rather effectively, keeping your wine, or, if you are some sort of heathen, none wine liquids fresh.


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