Weeping Angel Mask

weeping angel mask


Dont Blink!

This Weeping Angel Mask is the perfect way to terrify young children this Halloween. Provided they are the type of children who watch Doctor Who. Actually no, just looking at this thing is fairly terrifying in and of itself.

Hell, why even wait for halloween to use this mask to start scaring people, imagine the terror you could instill in the heart of you favorite Doctor Who loving friend if they peeked out their window at night only to see this thing staring back at them. I imagine if it was me my pants would become noticeably fuller.

Not that I am suggesting that you creep around in people gardens at night dressed like a weeping angel. As hilarious as that sounds I don’t think we can officially condone that.

But it would be fun.

But don’t do it.

But if you do, send us pictures.

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