Drink Life Preserver Ring

Drink Life Preserver Ring

drink life preserver ringThe number one rule at every pool should always be to keep safety in mind at all times. But it is so important to think of others beside yourself, you should always keep in mind the most important member of the family, the beverage.

This Drink Life Preserver Ring will keep your drink happily above water while you wile away the time in the pool, or bath if you are like me and enjoy a good bathtime drink. No I am not an alcoholic, I just like to have a drink with me at all times, I dehydrate quickly you see.

Now if we could find a floating bag of funyuns and  maybe a floating TV with a floating PS4 with some floating GTAV I would be set. So long as I don’t kill myself that is. Man, my bathtub would be full.



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