3D Cookie Cutters


Say goodbye to boring cookies with these fantastic 3-D stand-up cookie cutters. Entertain the kids with 6 different shapes including a fearsome bear, magical unicorn, an airplane, sailboat, dolphin and ferocious dinosaur!

Next time you are stuck inside on a lazy rainy day with a group of rabid stir-crazy children, put them to work with these kid safe plastic 3D cookie cutters to make something delicious and fun.

3d Cookie cutters

Each set comes with all of the 6 different shapes and also includes a recommended recipe to make the perfect dough for piecing together the 3D shapes. Roll the dough, cut the shapes, bake them up and piece them together and  hey presto! You have made some high quality magical 3D cookies just like they do on TV… if they did it on TV.

Each cutter measures around 4 to 5 inches.

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