Loki Burdened With Glorious Purpose Shirt

loki burdened with glorious purpose

If you ever did happen to run into the sublimely sexy Norse god Loki, it is vitally important to let him know your exact status. This Burdened with Glorious Purpose T-Shirt, is the perfect way to do just that, while looking cool enough to suck him into lascivious affair at the same time.

I may have a thing for Mr Hiddleston…

Is it because he manages to utterly dominate every scene he is in as Loki, or is it because he manages to do it while wearing horns and leather shoulderpads, because lets be honest, it’s hard to look sexy in leather shoulderpads. Well, its hard for me anyway.

Let the world know what glorious burdens you are carrying beneath your clothing in this 100% cotton vintage fit t shirt. This shirt is available in 9 different colors, so it should be easy enough to find one to match your shoulderpads and horns.

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