Legend of Zelda Rupee Pillows

zelda rupee pillows 

For years now I have wanted to move to Hyrule. The real world sucks. I can’t hit chickens with a sword. I can’t get that freaking boomerang to ever actually come back to me. And my sack is never ever going filled to the brim with money, to the point where I am forced to go and kill a massive Dragon to use his scrotum as a bigger wallet.

Hyule is a much simpler place.

I think the only way I am ever going to be able to shower myself in money a-la Scrooge McDuck is if I populate my living room with these Zelda Rupee Pillows from Etsy. These would actually be preferable to actual money, because I imagine that these would be a lot softer on the old noggin than actual coins.

Man, I guess I never really realised how much of a bad-ass Scrooge McDuck was.

These things have a tendency to sell quickly, so be sure to check etsy here regularly to see what’s available, and if nothing is there take a quick look over at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Legend of Zelda Rupee Pillows”

  1. jonathan says:

    How many pillows will you get for 15$

    1. CricketBrad says:

      Looks like all the $15 dollar ones are sold out =(

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