Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug


space_invaders_heat_changing_mugDid your mother ever tell you not to play with your breakfast? What if your morning coffee was the difference between saving the world or allowing the entire human race to become slaves to a destructive race of invaders from space that were intent on plundering our earth of all its natural resources and enslaving the entire race to work at McDonalds. Its imperative that you play with your breakfast now. Besides, now that I am all grown up and I make my own breakfast and YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO ANYMORE MOTHER. IM A BIG BOY NOW AND I WILL NOT WASH YOU ANYMORE.

Speaking of washing, dont put this mug in the dishwasher.

Simply adding any kind of hot liquid to the mug causes the screen to fill up, and as the mug cools down the aliens slowly fade away and the world is safe from invasion once again.

Much like the real Space Invaders game, dont put this in the microwave.

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