Heart Shaped Egg Mold

egg shaped heart mould

eggspress heart shaped egg mold

Take note gentlemen, this is the kind of stupid gooey valentines day stuff that girls just absolutely adore. Well, this girl anyway, but then I have always had a soft spot for some good old fashioned heart shaped boiled eggs.

What could possibly be more romantic than presenting the love of your life breakfast in bed? How about if everything on the plate was heart shaped! Ok, that sounds like a lot of work, so maybe just the eggs then. Its easy enough to do all you have to do is hard boil an egg, cool it, take off the shell, put it into the egg mold, and pop it in ice cold water for 10 minutes. Then once you open your mold you will have a deliciously cute heart shaped boiled egg.

Because Nothing says I love you like boiled eggs.



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