Heart Shaped Pancake Rings

Heart Shaped Pancake rings

Heart Shaped PancakesThese heart shaped pancake rings are the perfect way for you to greet your loved one in the morning with a surprize breakfast in bed with some perfect heart shaped food.

These non-stick pancake rings are so easy to use that even the stereotypical bumbling husband of the house couldn’t mess it up, and you will be happy to know that the knob stays nice and cool so he will not burn his fingers touching it.

It gets even better gents, this is guaranteed to wow your woman so much that the taste of the food actually takes a backseat to the wow factor that you actually cooked something that looks great! Ok, maybe I am projecting a little bit of my own husband onto the rest of the men in the world, but I am married to a man that can’t cook pasta without me needing to buy a new saucepan the next day. Seriously, who burns water?

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