Runaway Monkey Air Freshener


Do you remember the time a little monkey in a cute little coat took over the internet? OK, yes, it has been a while, especially in internet terms when generally we forget what we were outraged about down to our very core on a day to day basis. But damn that monkey was cute.

We all remember when he ran amok through that giant store, posing for pictures through the glass with a look of pure monkey existential angst. This lingonberry-scented air freshener is an attempt to pay homage to his act of primate rebellion and undeniable simian swagger.

It’s 4-1/4″ tall and comes with a string to hang it from a rear view mirror or office cubicle wall. You have to admit, in the end, aren’t we all just monkeys trapped in a society that we didn’t make and don’t understand? When we see him standing there in his tiny coat, we realize that he is us and we are him. Plus, monkey in people clothes. Thats pretty damn cute.

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