Foldable Wine Bottle

wine2go Foldable Wine Bottle

A foldable, reusable. leakproof, non-metal, lighter alternative to the everyday glass wine bottle, the Wine2Go is every wine connoisseurs new best friend.

Ever been to a beach that doesn’t allow glass bottles on it and had to mournfully leave your wine in the car whilst the kids run around like demon possessed madmen, and the husband digs up every single dead animal on the beach to gross you and the kids out? Oh sure, it looked like a normal beach from a distance but judging by the amount of dead fish, seahorses, and what can only be described as seaweed monsters, the beach turned out to be some kind of pet cemetery type burial ground for all creatures wet and stinky. Trust me, this will be the very best $12 you have ever spent. And probably the last time you go to the beach.

Beaches are just the tip of the iceberg though, think about camping, hiking, concerts in the park, kids parties, adults parties, picnics with the mother in law. There are a million different situations that the Wine2Go will help you get through.

A full 750 ml bottle of wine will fit comfortably inside the Wine2GO, with its resealable lid it is all too easy to pour yourself a drink, seal it back up, and then roll the whole thing up once you are finished. Rinse it in warm water and dry it out thoroughly it will be good to go again next weekend.


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