Solar Powered Phone Charger

solar powered phone charger

Have you ever been up a mountain taking in nature and basking in the beautiful scenery and wanted to let all your friends know just how magical it looks, but you spent all morning instagramming about your campfire breakfast till your battery died? Well you really should be paying more attention to the hike, but the Apollo Solar Powered Phone Charger is every social media addicted hikers new best cell phone charger

This compact portable solar charger can hold up to 3 full iPhone charges, close to 2 full charges for larger screened devices, or an entire empty to full iPad charge. It has multiple outputs, including Mini and Micro USB, so it is fully compatible with a wide range of Android phones, or any regular old USB device such as GoPro’s. GPS devices are also compatible, should you decide that actually knowing your GPS location is just as important as the ability to be able to constantly tweet it out.

When you know you are going to be away from a wall socket, all you need do is pre-load the charger to full at home (this is important, remember this), and then keep it topped up during your adventures out in the sun.

Add to all this that fact that it has over 1,400 reviews on Amazon and still manages to get a solid 3.5 star rating make by far this the single best solar powered phone charger that you can get for $20, but if you do have an extra $20 be sure to check out the much lauded Apollo 2, or the $30 Brown Dog Chargers which are said to be among the best even compared to its much higher priced competitors.


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