Mario Star Tree Topper

Mario Star Tree Topper

Make your tree invincibly cool this Christmas with this handmade Mario Star Tree Topper.

super nintendo mario star christmas tree topper

Measuring in at around about six and a half inches wide and six inches tall, this will be the coolest thing that has ever sat on top of your tree, including drunk uncle Bob last year who knocked the tree over and then pretended to be the angel sitting on top of it. Oh drunk uncle bob.

Nintendo christmas tree ornaments

Be sure to check out the Super Mario Christmas ornaments for only $3.50 each from the same Etsy seller to really Nintendo the absolute shit out of your tree this year.
Nintendo christmas tree

Or if you are even slightly useful with your hands, go one step further and follow this Instructables post to make your very own glowing Star for the top of your Christmas tree.

glowing nintendo star tree topper

Now you have exactly zero excuses for not having a deliciously geeky Nintendo themed Christmas tree this year.

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