Harry Potter Body Mug

Harry Potter Body Mug

Your magical drinks have found a home with this handmade,  one of a kind, Harry Potter Body Mug. Be you muggle or mud-blood, Witch or Wizard, everyone needs a good mug.
Even better, given that these are handmade, the Etsy seller allows you to choose your own Hogwarts house colors when you order. I can be a badass Gryffindor while my nerdy partner can be at home with Hufflepuff. The mother in law is Slytherin of course.

harry potter mug body

From the sellers store

Each mug and design has been lovingly made with 6+ hours of work spent perfecting the quality of this product. We hope you enjoy your specialized character mug as much as we did crafting it.
Please also keep in mind each mug is hand made, meaning that not every mug will be the same and there may be imperfections, but that is what can make hand made items so special.

harry potter handmade mug

As always, because Etsy is Etsy, jump in quick and get them before they all disappear like a patronus in the night.

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