USB Heated Corgie Butt Pillow

USB Heated Corgie Butt Pillow

You ever see something that just stops you in your tracks and makes you go “….huh”? This USB heated corgi butt pillow is one of those things that produced the huh moment for me. A huh moment so intense that I remembered that blog I used to write for and decided to fire it back up again.

Corgi Butt USB Heated Pillow Additional Image

This is a pillow for your butt, that looks like a butt. But not like your ugly butt, no that wouldnt make a good pillow (or would it), no this is shaped like on of the cutest butts on earth, a Kardashian corgi butt.

You ever write a hundred words only to realize that you spelled a very basic word wrong like 10 times? Yeah, the header and url is staying as Corgie because I cannot be assed (gettit?).

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