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zelda heart container soap1

Restore your Hygiene In a most Hyrulian fashion with some Zelda Heart Container Soaps. These handmade soaps are hypo-allergenic, free of all parabens ...


Zelda Heart Container Soap

These Zelda Heart Container Earrings are the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life. Each heart container is about the size of a penny, but the ...


Zelda Heart Container Earrings

Zelda Heart Container Necklace

This hand crafted Zelda Heart Container Necklace is one of those things that if it were it given to me by someone else, I think I would be utterly the...


Zelda Heart Container Necklace

zelda rupee pillows

  For years now I have wanted to move to Hyrule. The real world sucks. I can’t hit chickens with a sword. I can’t get that freaking boome...


Legend of Zelda Rupee Pillows

Nutella and go

  Nutella TO GO. Is there anything else on this earth that could possibly be as wonderful as having some snack sized Nutella with you wherever you g...


Nutella and Go Snack

We all know the feeling oh too well, you’re sipping on a Bloody Mary after a big night out and you you think to yourself, “This needs som...


Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straws


Americans favorite newscaster is back, bigger and better than ever. Well, ok, maybe not bigger, but easier to fit into my pocket than ever in his new ...


Lego Ron Burgundy

Oh Chewy, you look so very happy. A little bit special, but oh so happy at the same time. These officially licenced Star Wars Ceramic Mugs are six inc...


Star Wars Collectable Mugs

Batman Caped Underwear

This is where the Batman versus Superman debate gets real, under their tights. 100% cotton, these Batman Caped Underwear will increase your crime fig...


Batman Caped Underwear

Victorian Skeleton Necklace

This Victorian Skeleton Necklace is at first glance nothing more than a distinguished Victorian lady Cameo, but a second glance will reveal a ghouli...


Victorian Skeleton Necklace


Аhhh. Тhеrе’s nоthіng lіkе а sеа соw tо mаkе tеа tіmе а lіttlе mоrе соmfоrtіng! Еvеrуbоdу’s fаvоrіtе...


Manatea Tea Infuser

zelda rupee earrings

Are you forever trying to show of you mass amount of wealth in the Hyrule Kingdom, well these Legend of Zelda Rupee earrings are just for you. For jus...


Legend of Zelda Rupee Earrings


This is by far the purest, most chemically sound product on the market, anywhere. You could charge twice the current rate for this stuff and your cust...


Blue Rock Candy

Harry Potter Light Switch

These Harry Potter Lumos/Nox light switch decals are just the thing when it comes to lighting your room in a most magical manner. The stickers general...


Harry Potter Lumos Nox Light Switch

robot tea infuser

This annoying cute Robot Tea infuser is one of the most unique and dare we say it, fun tea infusers we have seen. Trust me when I say that it feels ve...


Robot Tea Infuser

scarface garden gnome

Never before have the words “Say Hello to my little friend” been quite as appropriate as this. Firstly because he is a cute little gnome, ...


Scarface Garden Gnome

All 5 Mood Mugs

      These Mood Mugs are a set of gorgeous handles-less, hand crafted insulated porcelain mugs made to display an array of moods to match ...


Mood Mugs

paddys pub pint glass

  This Authentic Paddys Pub Pint Glass is from the famous Patricks Pub from 1776, famously the worst Irish pub in Philadelphia. Though it does co...


Paddys Pub Pint Glass

Tiny Sad Keanu Figurine

Poor Sad Little Keanu Reeves, he just really needs a hug. Or a sandwich, he might look happier with a sandwich. Ok, maybe not. This Itsy Bitsy Sad Kea...


Tiny Sad Keanu Figurine

Portal Companion Ice Cube Tray

Do you ever see something and immediately your mind shuts down and just shouts WANT, well this is the first thing in a long time that has actually bro...


Portal Companion Cube Ice Tray


  Because someone, somewhere thought to themselves, “Hey, these hot dogs just aren’t phallic enough, how can we fix that” and t...


Roast My Weenie

Weeping Angel Plush Toy

Obviously this is one plush you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Seriously, not even for a second, don’t even blink. Don’t blink...


Doctor Who Weeping Angel


This set of two Breaking Bad Money Clips feature Bryan Cranston’s badass Walter White and White’s evil twin Heisenberg as seen on AMC̵...


Breaking Bad Money Clip

  For all the literal Bacon Lovers out there, from the people who brought you Bacon Lube, and Bacon Roses comes the trifecta in the bacon lover...


Bacon Condoms

skull toilet assisitant

  This is the perfect gift for someone who suffers from constipation. Why, I hear you ask? Because I am pretty damn sure that if I got up in the midd...


Skeletal Toilet Assistant

poop dragon

  This is my worst nightmare come to life, a Poop Dragon. Terrifying villagers with its massive poops and ear splitting cries, the poop dragon is...


Baby Dragon Costumes

Cylon COasters

  While it might seem somewhat petty to take your revenge on the Cylon this way, one must always take the opportunity for revenge when ever one c...


Cylon Coasters

  Well, it might snot be for everyone, but this Birchstone studios Egg Separator is certainly one of the more unique items we have seen in a little w...


Snot a Mug Egg Separator

Belt buckle flask

  Never one to make a joke about getting into a drunk persons pants, i find that this belt buckle flask is the perfect way to get drunk from your p...


Belt Buckle Flask

This Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grill Press is a godsend for bacon lovers who prefer their bacon nice and flat, rather than curly. This heavy cast iron piggy...


Bacon Press

This gorgeous fruit infusion pitcher serves up gorgeous infused water made in your very own kitchen with the greatest of ease. Simply fill the hollow ...


Fruit Infusion Pitcher


This Star Wars Bantha Plushie might indeed be a filthy animal according to Mace Windu, but he is still great fun for the whole family! This Star Wa...


Bantha Plushie

Be you English, British, Gallifreyan or Argentinean it matters not, this Union Jack is dead sexy no matter where you are from. Ok, maybe not all Arg...


TARDIS Union Jack

hidden octopus cup

What lurks in the dark depths of the black brew known as your morning coffee. Cthulhu that’s who! Or perhaps it is just his little friend th...


Octopus Cup

3d SHark Socks

Foot goes in. Shark bites down. Foot becomes warm. That’s how socks and sharks work. Or, that how sharks work in my fantasy world, where sha...


Shark Socks

The best part of the Dark Knight Rises was Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Bane, the supervillain that put Batman over his knee and gave him a good dar...


Bane Mask

This, this thing right here.Imagine if you will, the touch of an Angel. This Angel has been sent down from heaven with one task and one task only, to ...


Head Massager

Make your Own Guitar Picks! If you have ever experienced the annoyance of not being able to find a pick when you really need one, then you will be h...


Guitar Pick Punch

babvy elvis wig

Are you sick of putting up with the shame of having to take your bald baby out in public? Does your baby often complain about having a cold head? Are ...


Baby Elvis Wig

classy shot glass

Or, How to Drink Like a Sir. The description on the store page asks only one thing of you, to fill this with whatever cures your ails, be it fruit pun...


Happiness Elixir Shot Glass

big joe wine glass cougartown

Originally living an ordinary life in a thrift store filled with pennies, Big Joe’s true purpose in life wasn’t realised until he was di...


Cougar Town Big Joe Wine Glass

These cool little cups are a great way to start any morning in front of the computer. The recipe is as follows Ctrl- has some salt in it, Alt – ...


Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

8 bit heart belt

8 bits are the coolest bits. I don’t know about you, but to me gaming lost a little bit of its heart and soul when it left the 16 bit era. Mod...


8 Bit Heart Belt

Strawberry Stem Remover

  If have a lot of Strawberries to hull and you need to get it done quickly, then this is your dream come true. Strawberry lovers and chefs of th...


Strawberry Stem Remover

floating book shelf

  No house is complete without one element of mystery, one small thing that cannot be easily defined by science, religion, or David Attenborough....


Floating Book Shelf

Suck half a tablet of this and dissolve it on your tongue and it transform sour foods into sweet ones. Its truly a miracle! Miracle fruit tablets ar...


Miracle Fruit Tablets

It might not look like much, but what you are about to see will change your life forever. Finland obviously has their shit together when it comes to k...



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