Bottle Moustache

Have you ever looked at your beer bottle and thought “This bottle needs something. Something masculine yet ridiculous. Something subtle yet absurd. I have it! What this bottle needs is a moustache.”? Yeah, me either.

This bottle moustache, or beerstache as I like to call it, comes in 6 different colors. Black, brown, yellow, red, sexy pink and green. So when you are trying to justify this purchase to yourself, just remember that there is one for every occasion.

Beer Bottle Mustache 6 pack - Black Only

The beer-stache, or, Soda-Stache as I will now be calling it fits on just about any bottle with a standard sized opening. It even fits on certain pacifiers, so you can easily man-up your kids. It is made from hypo-allergenic FDA approved food grade silicone and is dead sexy, pure and simple. The best part is that with this on your bottle, no one in the bar will ever be able to question your masculinity or manliness again. Even if you are a woman. Thats how much power the Soda-Stache has.

Order a six pack right now and never not look silly again!

 Beer Bottle Mustache 6 pack - Black Only