classy shot glass

Or, How to Drink Like a Sir. The description on the store page asks only one thing of you, to fill this with whatever cures your ails, be it fruit pun...


Happiness Elixir Shot Glass

big joe wine glass cougartown

Originally living an ordinary life in a thrift store filled with pennies, Big Joe’s true purpose in life wasn’t realised until he was di...


Cougar Town Big Joe Wine Glass

wine bottle cork cage

For those of us who like to save their corks from special bottles of wine, what better place to store them than in a wine bottle. Simply drop them in ...


Wine Bottle Cork Cage

Filthy filthy mad libs. That’s what I like. To kill Hitler with a Giant Magical personal Pleasure Device, that’s the reason I get up in th...


Cards Against Humanity

Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener

Have you ever looked at a bottle and thought to yourself “You know, I really wish I had a little Mexican to wrestle the top off of this for me&#...


Luchador Bottle Opener

 Get the party started with this Spin the Shot party game. Its not rocket science, simply fill the shot glass up, spin that shot, then drink the shot...


Spin the Shot

Take 16 shots, add 2 balls and what you have is a recipe for a damn good party! You could also add a roulette wheel to that equation for perhaps a m...


Shot Roulette

Apart from the fact that Batman doesn’t drink excessively, Superman can’t get drunk and Wonder Woman doesn’t actually wear a ca...


DC Superhero Shot Glasses

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