mario cappy hat

Step up your odyssey game this winter with this neat Mario Cappy Hat. Throw it at your dog, become your dog. Throw it at your cat, become your cat. Th...


Mario Cappy Hat

zelda house keys

For those of you that are playing The Breath of the Wild on their Wii-U’s, you won’t need this as you would never be leaving your house, ...


Zelda House Key

dogmeat funko

Its only been a few days but already I am in love with my Dogmeat and what better way to celebrate my newfound beastial proclivities than with a Dogme...



The Hot Topic Exclusive glow in the dark Vault boy is now available to everyone! Irradiated by the wastelands, Vault Boy now wants to lead a quiet ret...


Glow in the Dark Fallout Vault Boy

Mario Star Tree Topper

Make your tree invincibly cool this Christmas with this handmade Mario Star Tree Topper. Measuring in at around about six and a half inches wide and ...


Mario Star Tree Topper

derp link mousepad

Look, Im not 100% sure what this is but I know that I love it. Sure you could look through the creators Etsy page and find plenty of normal mousepads,...


Derp Link Mousepad

fallout 4 logo shirt

Fallout 4 is only  weeks away and the I just could not be more excited. Our friend up their doesn’t look very excited just judging by his arms...


Fallout 4 Shirt

These Zelda Heart Container Earrings are the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life. Each heart container is about the size of a penny, but the ...


Zelda Heart Container Earrings

zelda rupee pillows

  For years now I have wanted to move to Hyrule. The real world sucks. I can’t hit chickens with a sword. I can’t get that freaking boome...


Legend of Zelda Rupee Pillows

usb nes controller

  This retro USB NES Controller is the perfect companion for nostaligia-ing out and reliving those frustratingly hard times you had trying to finish ...


USB NES Controller

batsocks with capes

DO YOUR SOCKS HAVE CAPES ON THEM? If your answer to the above question was no, and lets be honest they probably were, then boy do we have something f...


Batman Socks With Cape

plants vs zombies lamp

This Plants vs Zombies LED lamp is probably the most adorable USB rechargeable LED based sunflower lamp based on a zombie murdering garden video game ...


Plants vs Zombies Lamp

This is pretty much a foolproof recipe, combining two of the yummiest things ever. Take one part retro NES gooeyness and add the crunchiness of The ...


Super Doctor Who

Greetings Minion! This little 4 inch high piece of loot is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye, a figurative one, of course. The saline content of...


Blue Claptrap

Dota 2 Inflatable Donkey Courier

  Fans of Dota will recognise this fragile little fellow instantly. The donkey courier who has spent many an hour bringing me various goods to p...


DotA 2 Inflatable Courier


The GameKlip nothing short of a pure godsend for mobile gamers. It helps you attach a PS3 DualShock 3 controller to any Android phone. It is a quick a...



This is a very cool little light up Redstone Ore Light comes to us courtesy of  the fun people over at ThinkGeek. As you can probably work out from...


Minecraft Redstone Ore Light

zelda belt buckle

    This sexy item right here is an officially licensed Legend of Zelda cast metal belt buckle, a beautiful homage to a wonderful series o...


Legend of Zelda Belt Buckle

Lets get this out of the way immediately. This is not a real pickaxe, this is just a tribute. A foam tribute. Do I feel bad for making a reference th...


Minecraft Pickaxe

Clap Trap T SHirt

Greetings Minions! By now I’m sure you have spent plenty of time cruising around Pandora, killing hordes of innocent Bandit bystanders and doi...


Clap Trap T-shirt

8 bit heart belt

8 bits are the coolest bits. I don’t know about you, but to me gaming lost a little bit of its heart and soul when it left the 16 bit era. Mod...


8 Bit Heart Belt

NSE Wallet

  This is a cool little bi-fold wallet in the design of one of the original NES controllers. Anyone with memories of long hours of gaming on the ...


NES Wallet

This is a $4 key-chain showing off the famous and ever elusive Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series of games. This particular keychain is from...

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Legend of Zelda Kechain

This is a really unique tie made in the 8 bit gaming style of the early 80’s. He looks sad, but inside I am sure that his is beaming away, danci...

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8 Bit tie

Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters

This officially licensed set of 8 ceramic coasters features warning signs from the video game phenomenon Portal 2. Protect your table and show off yo...


Portal 2 Coasters

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