8-bit-flower-pot for a nerdy valentines day

This 8 Bit Flower Pot is the perfect gift for your 8 bit princess. A fantastic analogy for your love: Never wilting, always blooming even in the dar...


8 Bit Flower Pot

zelda rupee pillows

  For years now I have wanted to move to Hyrule. The real world sucks. I can’t hit chickens with a sword. I can’t get that freaking boome...


Legend of Zelda Rupee Pillows

unt mug

I have no idea what an UNT is, but the person who sent this to me assures me wholeheartedly that I am one, and that this mug is the perfect gift for m...


Unt Mug

robot tea infuser

This annoying cute Robot Tea infuser is one of the most unique and dare we say it, fun tea infusers we have seen. Trust me when I say that it feels ve...


Robot Tea Infuser


This Goomba Plush Toy is the cutest thing that has ever killed me, and in return, be killed by me. For a long time when I was a little girl playing Su...



Portal Companion Ice Cube Tray

Do you ever see something and immediately your mind shuts down and just shouts WANT, well this is the first thing in a long time that has actually bro...


Portal Companion Cube Ice Tray

scooter pizza cutter

There is nothing worse than serving up a piping hot pizza and having to tear it apart with your fingers, burning them off in the process. Well fear no...


Scooter Pizza Cutter

mustache candle holder

Mustache Candle Holders, perfect for when you want to get someone a touching, unique, and entirely handcrafted gift that not only looks great, but ha...


Mustache Candle Holder

Belt buckle flask

  Never one to make a joke about getting into a drunk persons pants, i find that this belt buckle flask is the perfect way to get drunk from your p...


Belt Buckle Flask

  Domo-kun has bunny ears and is ready for Easter eggs. Many Easter eggs. ALL the Easter eggs! Unless they are apple flavored Easter eggs, b...



Crafting With Cat Hair

Every now and then something comes along that makes me realise that there is so much going on in the world that I am simply not exposed to. Crafting ...


Crafting With Cat Hair

Cat-In-A-Can. Never again shall you be forced to go without a cat for any period of time whatsoever with this all new Cat in a Can. Cat in A Can provi...



mister tea infuser

Doesn’t he look like he is the single most content man in the world? The Mister Tea Infuser from Fred and Friends is the perfect companion for y...


Mister Tea Infuser

Clap Trap T SHirt

Greetings Minions! By now I’m sure you have spent plenty of time cruising around Pandora, killing hordes of innocent Bandit bystanders and doi...


Clap Trap T-shirt

floating book shelf

  No house is complete without one element of mystery, one small thing that cannot be easily defined by science, religion, or David Attenborough....


Floating Book Shelf

unique bookmarks

A great gift idea for anyone who loves books, which really, should be most anyone. These unique bookmarks hook into your book and show off their cool ...


Unique Bookmarks

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