skull fried egg ring

Spooky Eggs. Goes well with demonic bacon on some fiendish toast. All you need is this Skull Egg Ring, two eggs, and half a brain, and you are well on...


Skull Egg Ring

dancing with jesus

  Dancing with Jesus puts to rest the notion that having holes in your feet means that you cant use them to bust a move. Dancing with Jesus is filled...


Dancing With jesus

day of the dead corckscrew

This skeletal Day of the Dead inspired corkscrew is a fantastic way to honour the dead in your own little alcoholic way. The Day of the Dead is a Mexi...


Day Of The Dead Corkscrew

skull and crossbones wax stamp

From now on, whenever I post out my bills to the electricity company I shall seal them with this Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal Stamp to let them kno...


Skull and Crossbones Wax Stamp

Walking Dead Daryl Bobblehead

Right оut оf АМС’s gloriously gory hіt ТV shоw Тhе Wаlkіng Dеаd, соmеs thіs very cool Тhе Wаlkіng Dеаd Dаrуl Dіхоn ...


Walking Dead Daryl Bobble Head

Victorian Skeleton Necklace

This Victorian Skeleton Necklace is at first glance nothing more than a distinguished Victorian lady Cameo, but a second glance will reveal a ghouli...


Victorian Skeleton Necklace

walking dead latex zombie mask

Celebrate the return of The Walking Dead to our screens with this 100% latex adult sized zombie mask. This thing is terrifying enough to ensure you ...


Walking Dead Latex Zombie Mask

Zombie Kitty

This adorable undead kitty will give your children nightmare for years to come, and ensure that, when the time comes, the kids will ask for a puppy in...


Zombie Kitty Plush

Brain Shaped Ice Cubes

These Brain Shaped Ice Cubes trays are the best way to ensure that your Halloween party is the coolest on the block. As you can see the Brain ice tray...


Brain Shaped Ice Cubes

skull toilet assisitant

  This is the perfect gift for someone who suffers from constipation. Why, I hear you ask? Because I am pretty damn sure that if I got up in the midd...


Skeletal Toilet Assistant

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