Insert Star Wars Force Strong pun here! Next time you are out in the galaxy destroying planets or whatnot and your phone runs out of juice, never fear...


Darth Vader Charger


Supercharge your Macbook with these glorious Batman Keyboard decal stickers. These are compatible with Macbooks and MacBook Pro 13″ 15″ an...


Batman Macbook Keyboard Decals

solar powered phone charger

Have you ever been up a mountain taking in nature and basking in the beautiful scenery and wanted to let all your friends know just how magical it l...


Solar Powered Phone Charger


With this Self Stirring Star Wars Feel the Force Mug, you will feel just like Darth Vader when you stir the contents of the mug using only your mind&...


Darth Vader Self Stir Mug

N64 USB Controller

Almost 20 years on and the N64 is still regarded by many as one of the best consoles ever. Sadly, almost 20 years on there are few remaining working c...


N64 USB Controller

smart phone underpants

Can you tell me the pne thing that your phone is missing? More internal memory or a battery life that extends beyond midday? Nope, you are so far off....


Smartphone Underpants

Shark Laser Pointer

Its a shark, with a frickin laser pointer attached to it frickin head! What more do you really need to know? Everybody out right now and go buy one, n...


Shark Laser Pointer

Don't Starve

  If you like macabre survival games where the main objective is to not die then this should make you very happy. Don’t Starve is a fun lit...


Don’t Starve

This unique Hard Drive Phone case for iPhone 4 and 4s is sure to get anyone’s attention. This lightweight yet durable case will fit perfect...


Hard Drive Phone Case

Why hello there future, what do you have for me today? Oh a roll up USB keyboard, isn’t that nice. This lightweight USB Roll Up Keyboard is ex...


Roll Up Keyboard

Protect your iPhone in style with this shiny Gameboy Style iPhone 4 4G protective case. This case snaps on to offer all round external shock protectio...


Gameboy iPhone 4 4G Case

This is a tiny little Bluetooth device that will allow you to send whatever audio signals you want to your sound system. Imagine this if you will. You...


Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver

Heineken have for years made a fantastic beer that I wish I could keep in my pocket, now tht dream can come true…. Kind of. This USB stick is sh...


Heineken USB Flash Drive

This is how you know that you are living in the future, now your sperm can carry all sorts of interesting information, rather than just your own baby ...

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Sperm USB Flash Drive – $22

Torchlight 2 – Pre -order, release date – Sometime 2012. Do you like orgies? Do you like destroying shit? Then this is the game for you, i...

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Torchlight 2 – $20

Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters

This officially licensed set of 8 ceramic coasters features warning signs from the video game phenomenon Portal 2. Protect your table and show off yo...


Portal 2 Coasters

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