super hero poop batman

Etsy delivers the WTF yet again, this time in the form of poo. Superhero poo.   Happily there is also one for the kids in the form of a Cookie Mo...


Superhero Poop


Someone have an eye on your favorite munchies? Keep an eye on them with these googly eye clips! Super fun googly eyes add character to your cupboard, ...


Googly Eyed Bag Clips

Normal push pins are boring. Ok yeah, they perform an important job and aren’t designed to be fun and exciting, like garbagemen. But wouldn̵...


Googly Eyes Push Pins


The prime directives are simple, deliver hot coffee to those who need it most and be cool looking whilst doing it. This Robomug does that with ease. I...



Balls of Steel Whisky Stones

You might think your whisky is cold now, but wait till you are cooling it down with Balls. Balls of Steel Whisky Stones that is. Now wait, I hear you ...


Balls of Steel Whisky Stones

ron swanson bust

  This 7 inch bust of Ron Swanson from NBC’s Parks and Recreation is a glorious testament to the pure masculine glory that is Ron Swanson. Whil...


Ron Swanson Bust


Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee soap, ladies and gentlemen today we are one glorious step closer to the future. A future in which everything smells deliciou...


Bacon, Whiskey, and Coffee Soap

whiskey soaked jerky

Get out of the way All of the Bacon and Eggs, Ron Swanson has a new best friend, Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky. This Jerky has been soaked overnight i...


Whiskey Soaked Jerky

Nutella and go

  Nutella TO GO. Is there anything else on this earth that could possibly be as wonderful as having some snack sized Nutella with you wherever you g...


Nutella and Go Snack

holy toast

And God said “Let there be bread” and there was bread. God saw that the bread was good and so separated dark toast from light toast. God c...


Holy Toast

Bat Mug

Dinner dinner dinner dinner BAT MUG. Ok yeah, it might be more of a morning implement, but breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast bat mug just does...


Bat Mug


Put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride of your life! The Carma Sutra is your fully illustrated guide to the most romantic of all the baby-mak...


Carma Sutra

game of thrones heat sensitive mugs

Winter Is Coming! This cool Game of Thrones heat sensitive mug changes from white to black as it cools down. This is a perfect gift for anyone who lov...


Game of Thrones heat sensitive mug

Loki Helmet keyring

Make way for Loki’s burden of glorious purpose and prepare for the coming of a god with this Loki key ring you mewling quim. This highly detaile...


Loki Helmet Keyring

Pineapple lovers step up and be amazed, this Pineapple Corer will change you life! Simply cut the top off your selected Pineapple victim, then line up...


Pineapple Corer

Wake up and feel just a little bit better about the repetitive, soul sucking 9 to 5 trudge by starting the day with these Chibi DC Dinnerware sets, an...


DC Comic Dinnerware Sets

Reusable Homebrew Labels

Homebrewers everywhere have two things in common no matter where they are in the world. One: A love of Homebrewing. Two: A hatred of marking the blood...


Reusable Homebrew Beer Labels

Skid marks are very special signatures. That’s why our Skid Panties are individually hand-painted and one of a kind. Comfy, sexy and unique. ...


Skid Marked Panties

you shall not pass stamp

Fail your student with style with this clever custom made You Shall Not Pass rubber stamp. Gandalf sets the test and Gandalf alone decides if you shal...


You Shall Not Pass Stamp

guys can be cat ladies too

For “cat-curious” men life can be hard. Dogs are well known to be a mans best friend so society views a single man that owns a cat as some...


Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too

chicken diaper

Much like grandma, having your chicken running around your house with its nether regions hanging out will ruin even the most relaxed dinner parties. N...


Chicken Diapers

chocolate dipped insects

This Valentines day, instead of giving your girlfriend the same chocolate covered nuts that you do every year, how about you present your love with so...


Chocolate Covered Insects

biodegradable bamboo paper straws_

The Bamboo Paper Straws from Kikkerland will most likely be the most eco-friendly thing in your kitchen. They are 100% fully biodegradable, made from ...


Biodegradable Bamboo Paper Straws


  Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your breakfast? What if your morning coffee was the difference between saving the world or allow...


Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug

game of thrones_iron_coin_faceless_man

Game of Thrones fans will know that eventually, all men must die.  Jaqen H’Ghar teaches this to Arya, and presents her with a coin. An Iron...


Game of Thrones Iron Coin

his and hers keyholders

These His and Hers Keyholders are a fun and unique place for you and yours to keep your keys. Each key holder comes with its own special key that you ...


His and Hers Keyholders

Archer Pam's Dolphin Puppet

  SOlve all your workplace related problems with Pams Dolphin Puppet Plush Figure! This life sized version of Pams favorite HR tool is wearable and f...


Pam’s Dolphin Puppet

Microwavable S'Mores Maker

Give yourself a treat and get everyones favorite more’ish melted food right out of your microwave. This microwavable S’Mores maker can mak...


Microwavable S’Mores Maker

french fry lip balm

You know that gross greasy feeling you get when you eat some oily french fries, now you can have that feeling anytime you like! French fry lip balm me...


French Fry Lip Balm

Bobba Fett Pipe

What better way to bring the dark side and the light side together than to sit them down and smoke a peace pipe together. Its hard to hate one another...


Bobba Fett Pipe

unt mug

I have no idea what an UNT is, but the person who sent this to me assures me wholeheartedly that I am one, and that this mug is the perfect gift for m...


Unt Mug

We all know the feeling oh too well, you’re sipping on a Bloody Mary after a big night out and you you think to yourself, “This needs som...


Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straws

Breaking Bad Beakers

This glass beaker mug featuring Heisenberg’s face is the perfect gift for the meth dealer who likes to start his day of nefarious deeds off with...


Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

dalek 3d mug

The Daleks. Genetically modified killing machines that have no emotions other than hate, and see themselves as the supreme race of the the entire uni...


Doctor Who Dalek 3D Mug

whiskey dick whiskey flavored lube

Those gloriously disgusting idiots over at epicmealtime are the absolute masters of the unnecessary. Their Youtube channel consists of hours upon hou...


Whiskey Flavored Lube

  Pierce Hawthorne may be gone from Greendale, but his creepiness forever remain in the form of his and the Deans most absurd creation, the non denom...


Greendale Human Being Plush

I met Lil Sebastian

Possibly the best thing to potentially happen to anyone anywhere in the history of the universe, ladies and gentlemen I give you the world famous Lil&...


Lil’ Sebastian T-Shirt

Legless Pirate Cork Screw

Yarrr, what could be more Piratic than a legless Pirate Cork Screw ye landlubber tell me that will ye? Well, ok, maybe a rum bottle, but apart from th...


Legless Pirate Cork Screw


Say goodbye to boring cookies with these fantastic 3-D stand-up cookie cutters. Entertain the kids with 6 different shapes including a fearsome bear, ...


3D Cookie Cutters

hunger games mockingjay pin

This Mockingjay pin comes from the single most anticipated movie in the entire history of history, The Hunger Games.  For those of you in the dark, t...


Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

bill murray throw pillows

In a world where strange meets cool, Bill Murray is king. What could be stranger and cooler than a regal Bill Murray on a throw pillow. Perhaps a rega...


Bill Murray Throw Pillows

There are very few pleasures on earth that compare to a good old fashioned snowball fight. The joys of hitting your least favorite family members with...


Fake Snowballs


Americans favorite newscaster is back, bigger and better than ever. Well, ok, maybe not bigger, but easier to fit into my pocket than ever in his new ...


Lego Ron Burgundy

doctor who weeping angel earrings

These Doctor Who Weeping Stud Angel Earrings will be a fantastic gift for your favorite Whovian this Christmas (even if that person is you), because...


Weeping Angels Earrings

Brought to you by those Despicable people over at Hasbro, this is the classic property trading, hotel hoarding, family breaking game of Monopoly, now ...


Despicable Me 2 Monopoly

Oh Chewy, you look so very happy. A little bit special, but oh so happy at the same time. These officially licenced Star Wars Ceramic Mugs are six inc...


Star Wars Collectable Mugs

animal butt magnets

  Animal lovers everywhere rejoice, now you can keep Animal Butts in your kitchen without getting those judgemental looks from the family come christ...


Animal Butt Magnets


With this Self Stirring Star Wars Feel the Force Mug, you will feel just like Darth Vader when you stir the contents of the mug using only your mind&...


Darth Vader Self Stir Mug

Harry Potter Snitch Pocket Watch

This one inch by one inch Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pocket Watch is the perfect gift for every single Potter lover on the planet.  Big or small, hai...


Harry Potter Snitch Pocket Watch


Its-a-Me, Mario! Everyones favorite overweight mustachioed Italian plumber Mario has spent countless hours searching for these candies, through sandy ...


Super Mario Candy Box

happy whatever doesnt offend you

Please accept without obligation, express or implied, these best wishes for an environmentally safe, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, ...


Happy Whatever Doesn’t Offend You

  Keep the whole family entertained at the dinner table with this unique Calf and Half Double Walled Pitcher with Udders. Because nothing entertains ...


Calf and Half Double Walled Pitcher

Steampunk Pocket Watch

It is important to never be late for a Tea Party, and never again shall you, once you get this Alice in Wonderland Steampunk Themed Pocket Watch. Good...


Steampunk Pocket Watch

Personal Dip Clips! My entire life I have been putting the Mustard and Ketchup together on my plate like some kind of animal, why haven’t I thou...


Personal Dip Clip

spelunky minis figurines

These terribly cute mini figurines from the award-winning rogue-like diggy diggy hole game Spelunky are now available in two inch high compact form t...


Spelunky Mini FIgurines

roller sticky notes

These fantastic Roller Sticky Notes will paint you a brand shiny new sticky note whenever you feel you need it the most. Simply roll it on and just tr...


Roller Sticky Notes

star wars nutcrackers

These hand made 10-inch nutcrackers depict some of history’s most famous heroes: Darth Vader, Yoda and R2 D2. Darth Vader is a hero no matter wh...


Star Wars Nutcrackers

Pet Superhero Costumes

Give your pet the gift of a lifetime this christmas, dress them up as their favorite superhero! Or even your favorite superhero! Easy to put on and pe...


Pet Superhero Costumes

Legend of Zombie

This Legend of Zombie shirt is the perfect combination of cuteness and zombieness, an otherwise unthinkable combination. It was probably only a matter...


Legend of Zombie Shirt

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